TRIGAS is an Irish based producer and distributor of refrigerant gas and components serving Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Through her own entities and local distributors TRIGAS sells the cooling fluids/gas for refrigeration and air-conditioning, cold or frozen food processing and storage, automotive and aircraft industry as well as for the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry.

Along with her technical staff the company is able to provide her customers with all the cooling fluids/gas and the relevant components required.

The company is highly committed in terms of quality and the protection of the environment.

Mission Statement

TRIGAS is a major player in the refrigerating gas business and adheres to the requirements and recommendations set up through the Montreal Protocol with regards to production, distribution and recuperation of refrigerant gases.

Through local training programs, the setting up of recuperation plants and research into Ozone friendly gasses, TRIGAS contributes towards the improvement of the eco system of the world.


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